Windows on Snapdragon Apps Get a Turbo Boost via new 64-bit SDK

Tuesday 5/8/18 04:45pm
Posted By Miguel Nunes
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Today Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio 15.8 1 – this new software development kit provides the tools to create 64-bit (ARM) apps for the new generation of Windows PCs powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon® Mobile PC Platform. This means, in addition to the ARM32 SDK already available, developers can now access the ARM64 SDK for Windows 10 to build apps to take advantage of the fast performance and long battery life on the Always On, Always Connected PCs* powered by Snapdragon.

A Windows PC powered by the Snapdragon platform brings the best of your smartphone experiences and combines it with the productivity and entertainment of a PC. It’s truly an Always On, Always Connected PC – it turns on instantly, keeps your app data in sync, delivers beyond all day battery life and has lightning fast LTE connectivity with up to Gigabit LTE speeds** … the list goes on. You can see many of these features in action here.

Windows on Snapdragon features a 64-bit processor running a native 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. This environment in conjunction with the new ARM64 allows developers to address a larger amount of memory than with 32-bit processors and take full advantage of Snapdragon capabilities. Keep in mind that even though these new tools open up the door to 64-bit ARM applications, the platform will continue to also support 32-bit apps (written for ARM32 and Win32.)

Learn more about porting your apps to Windows on Snapdragon powered Always On, Always Connected PCs.

Always On, Always Connected PCs from HPLenovo and ASUS are launching globally.


*Requires network connection.
**Requires compatible network.