What’s Going On Inside Your App? Let Trepn Profiler Show You.

Friday 11/9/12 03:14pm
Posted By Leon Farasati
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Trepn profiler overlay mode
Performance graphs in Trepn Profiler’s overlay mode let you associate resource spikes with on-screen events.

So you’ve built a cool mobile app, but you can’t release it yet because:

  1. it uses too much memory
  2. it’s too chatty
  3. it hogs the CPU
  4. it eats up the battery
  5. all of the above

Download our updated Trepn™ Profiler to test your device and take a detailed, real-time look at what’s going on inside your app.

In June, I spoke at Uplinq® and discussed Trepn Profiler, during my presentation, The Advantages of Using the Snapdragon™ MDP for App Development. I’m excited to let you know, that today we released a new version that lets you profile the performance and power consumption of Android apps not only on the Snapdragon MDP, but also on all devices that feature Snapdragon® processors.

Memory, network and CPU profiling

We’ve designed Trepn Profiler to help you find performance bottlenecks at the app level, so you can optimize your code. Our latest version lets you analyze memory statistics (virtual and physical), network usage (cellular and Wi-Fi), CPU usage and CPU frequency on all devices powered by Snapdragon.

You can view and log data in real time, export it for offline analysis and evaluate the impact of your programming choices on user experience. To find resource consumption problems, Trepn Profiler lets you capture Android Intents and log Application State changes. Also, you can start and stop profiling from an external script or another Android application, which helps you set up an automated testing environment.

Power profiling on MDPs

When you test on a Snapdragon S4 MDP smartphone or tablet, Trepn Profiler also uses information from the internal power management IC to measure and profile the overall, battery-level power consumption of your app.

Trepn Profiler running on the Snapdragon S4 MDP is the best way to ensure that your app is performance- and power-aware.

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