We Want to See What You Can Create with Gimbal Beacons at SXSW

Wednesday 3/5/14 01:11pm
Posted By Charlie Karstrom
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Are you attending SXSW this year? The massive music, film and interactive conferences and festivals are taking place this Friday, March 7 through Sunday, March 16 in Austin, Texas. We’re excited to be part of the festival this year to see cutting edge technology and creativity from around the world.  

If you’ll be making your way to Austin, be sure to download the SXSW® GO app developed by Eventbase, which is enabled by the Gimbal™ context aware and proximity platform to enhance your exploration of the many activities at the conference.  Also, be sure to stop by the Beacon Bowl at the Razorfish Digital Campground and the Slashathon, the first musical artist-focused hackathon, to show us what you can create with Gimbal proximity beacons.