Tense Competition in XR Development – 5-Part Video Series Kicks Off

Wednesday 11/29/17 08:00am
Posted By Leilani DeLeon
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Extended reality developers are showing us that XR (AR/VR) still has a lot of Wild West excitement to it. The software and hardware are evolving, use cases run the gamut from gaming to emergency training and the development process can be pretty intense.

In fact, it has all the makings of a mini-series for reality TV. So we’ve made one with Machinima.

Qualcomm's VR developer challenge

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ VR Dev Challenge

We’ve invited three experienced developers of virtual reality applications to compete against one another in creating a mind-blowing VR experience powered by Qualcomm technology. Our goals are to show you the benefits of truly mobile XR and to inspire you with a look at the XR development process up close and in video.

We’ve given the developers - Sam Maliszewski, Jordan Mann and E McNeill - a few things they’ll need for the competition:

We’ve recorded the developers and their influencers to capture the headaches, heartbreaks, mistakes, re-takes, lucky breaks and high stakes that are all part of the development process.

At the other end of the rainbow is a $20,000 cash prize for the first-place application and $2,500 each for second- and third-place apps. (Spoiler alert: There’s lots of agony, disappointment and caffeine on the way to those prizes, but if you’ve developed for XR, you probably already knew that.)

Here’s a synopsis of the five episodes:

  • The Task (November 29)- Meet the brilliant, hungry, eager and sometimes awkward competitors. You may see yourself and recognize your own ambitions.
  • Setting the Bar (December 1) - Sit in on the storyboarding, the incorporation of technology and the design processes. Learn the why and how of creating virtual experiences.
  • Harsh Reality (December 4) - Things aren’t working as they should and time is running out. Sound familiar?
  • Crunch Time (December 6) - Influencers are displaying brutal honesty. Accept their feedback or stick to one’s guns? It’s the point of no return.
  • Demo Day (December 8) - The developers unveil their projects during Demo Day at Qualcomm headquarters. Live demos are always an act of faith, and whether you’re demoing or watching, it’s hard not to squirm.

Machinima’s following among early adopters, gamers and developers convinced us they’d be the right people to work with on this series. We think you’ll agree when you see it.

Next Steps

Have a look at the series trailer:

If you’re already developing for augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality, you’ll learn new ways to look at the process. If XR development is in your future, you’ll learn from both the mistakes and victories of our three competing developers. And either way, you’ll see how you can amp up your XR apps with the Snapdragon 835 VR Development Kit.