Streamlining Development with Three Pillars of IoT

Wednesday 6/14/17 10:14am
Posted By Christine Jorgensen
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I remember the days where the promise of “a computer in every home” seemed revolutionary. Now, we’re surrounded by a multitude of small, connected computing devices. From smart watches on our wrists to smart lighting in our streets, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our homes, cities and workplaces, making our lives easier, safer and more productive.

While there’s justified excitement about the potential for IoT, our journey has just begun. There are significant opportunities ahead for developers, but how do you get started?

Our 30-year leadership, expertise and experience in mobile development has established Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. as an integral player in the IoT ecosystem. We believe the future of IoT development will involve three fundamental pillars - security, standardization and interoperability.

View our intro video below to learn how these pillars can give you an edge, and with the support of Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN), help make your vision a reality.

Keeping Devices Secure on the Internet of Things

Whether placed in a smart home or supporting the enterprise, IoT device security is important to protect mission critical systems and personal data.

Robust security begins with choices made in platform hardware design. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platform employs a range of features that strengthen the security of devices built on the platform. Together, they help to protect IoT applications and data from outside intrusion.

Supporting Standards to Drive Adoption and Lessen Fragmentation

Standardization is the way forward for a universal Internet of Things. Collaboration, using open standards, drives ecosystem growth, underpins security and promotes interoperability across the ecosystem.

Faster innovation and accelerated adoption through standards adherence help your applications spread quickly to reach a wider audience. And our reference designs and platforms further help you by supporting rapid hardware development and commercial deployments.

Working collectively, we can bring together today’s fragmented IoT and build a unified approach that can change the world.

Seamless Device and Application Interoperability

Interoperability is the qualifying pillar for IoT, opening doors for technical and business innovation. McKinsey estimates that between 40% and 60% of the total potential economic value for IoT is dependent on interoperation between devices, processes and people.

Through participation in cross-industry initiatives, we’re working to develop an open and security-rich framework that IoT products and services can stand upon. We encourage IoT developers to maximize interoperability of their apps by utilizing these frameworks.

A hand connecting with a range of IoT devices

Building on This Foundation

We’re facilitating IoT development with a clear strategy and a unique portfolio of technologies, designed to work in virtually any environment. They’re supported by a comprehensive suite of learning resources from Qualcomm Developer Network to help you streamline and simplify device and application development.

Be sure to check out our IoT quick start guides, tutorials and software tools that can help accelerate your application development. And be sure to connect and collaborate with other IoT developers over at our QDN Forums - it’s the best place to ask questions, share your experience and contribute to the next wave of IoT innovation.