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Wednesday 5/29/13 06:30am
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Snapdragon 800 Mobile Development Platform/Tablet from Bsquare helps developers create apps for next generation Android devices.
Snadragon 800MDP/Tablet

I’m excited to let you know that beginning today, the new Mobile Development Platforms (MDPs), built around the Snapdragon® 800 processor, are available for order from Bsquare and will begin shipping soon. The new Snapdragon MDPs are available in both smartphone and tablet form factors.

The inside track

These products give you early access to the Snapdragon 800 processor to create, optimize and showcase Android applications with advanced features and functionality. They feature the Snapdragon 8974 processor, which won’t be commercially available until later this year (and is already getting praise).

The Snapdragon 800 MDP is ready for development out of the box, running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and offering the same processor that will be available on commercial devices later this year. The MDP is designed so you won’t need to install any software or drivers; just open the box, connect the MDP to a computer with a USB port and start loading, testing and optimizing your apps.

What’s new in the Snapdragon 800 MDP?

  • Dramatic performance improvement – The Snapdragon 800 processor is based on the quad-core Krait 400 CPU, which runs at speeds up to 2.3GHz and has up to 75% higher performance than the CPU in the previous generation Snapdragon MDP.
  • Visually stunning mobile gaming – The Adreno™ 330 GPU is designed to deliver up to twice the graphics performance of the Adreno 320 GPU. It’s an opportunity for you to build more-complex shaders, more effects and better gameplay into your apps.
  • The latest in entertainment – Ultra HD 4K encode/decode comes to mobile on the Snapdragon 800. The MDP also supports Miracast for streaming media from the MDP to compatible HDTVs.
  • Advanced digital signal processing – The Hexagon v5 DSP supports dynamic multithreading and expanded multimedia instructions for enhanced audio and image processing.
  • High-end connectivity – The Snapdragon 800 MDPs are the first mobile devices to include both USB 3.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi for dramatically faster file transfers and streaming rates of up to 1.3Gbps.
  • Advanced power monitoring – The MDPs have special power monitoring circuitry, which provides an indication of the power consumption of each hardware block, so you can optimize power usage.
  • Snapdragon sensor core – The MDPs are packed full of sensors, which are connected to a Snapdragon sensor core (SSC). The SSC uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and optical sensors in new and innovative ways while saving power in the process.
Snapdragon 800 Mobile Development Platform/Smartphone from Bsquare helps developers create apps for next generation Android devices.
Snadragon 800 MDP/Smartphone

“Why do I need an MDP?”

Snapdragon MDPs were designed from the ground up for development. They have significant advantages over most commercial devices.

  • You want to develop for the largest possible audience and Snapdragon processors are already in over 550 different Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Tablet Z.
  • By using an MDP your app can be one of the first to support advanced features like Ultra HD playback, new Hexagon DSP capabilities, ultrasonic pen support, advanced gestures, gigabit-Wi-Fi and more.
  • You’re developing for 12 hours or more each day. Why would you want anything less than the fastest development platform you could get your hands on?
  • It’s not just your users who complain about power-hungry apps; now carriers are getting so many complaints about battery drain that they’re publicly pointing out “high-risk apps...that might have serious, negative effects on your device.” The Snapdragon 800-series MDP includes access to tools like Trepn™ Profiler and Adreno™ Profiler to help you to optimize your power usage and graphics performance before you release your apps.
  • The Snapdragon 800 MDP also includes access to software like the Snapdragon SDK, the AllJoyn™ SDK for peer-to-peer connectivity from Qualcomm Innovation Center, and the Vuforia™ SDK for augmented reality apps. You get months of a head start developing on the type of devices your customers will soon be purchasing, but you get to work on it without carrier preloads or other components that can slow your development.

Have a look at the OEMs currently building Snapdragon-powered devices. Some of these same manufacturers use the MDP, and you can use it to start working with some of the most popular mobile processors in use today.

Next Steps

Snapdragon 800 MDP smartphone and tablets are available for order from Bsquare, beginning today. You can find more information from Bsquare, including product specs, documentation, software updates and technical support. We’ll be showing the new MDPs at AnDevCon in Boston throughout the rest of the conference this week and I am available to help answer any questions you have about the Snapdragon MDPs. If you’re not at AnDevCon this week, be sure to attend our Uplinq™ conference in September to learn more about Qualcomm’s development tools, including Snapdragon MDPs.

Also, keep an eye on the QDevNet blog for your chance to win a Snapdragon 800 MDP. Be sure to subscribe for more details.