Radix SmartClass Wins Top AllJoyn Prize in Tactrick Android DevCup

Tuesday 6/11/13 04:53pm
Posted By Bernd Schulze
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In the Tactrick Android DevCup this spring, Radix Technologies Ltd., an Israel-based software company, won Best AllJoyn™ Concept and $3,000 for its classroom technology product, SmartClass.

Tactrick’s Android Developer Cup included cash prizes across five categories: Best Idea, Best Game App, Best Everyday Services App, Best Medical and Education App, along with a special category for apps based on the AllJoyn SDK from Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

The Tactrick Android Developer Cup included submissions from more than 300 developers in Russia, the USA, the European Union, Ukraine, South Africa and Israel. Radix has put together a good product, and it’s an excellent use case for AllJoyn’s proximity networking in education.

Radix SmartClass – AllJoyn in the classroom

Tablets can be a powerful educational tool, but most teachers want to control what students are doing with them. Radix SmartClass lets teachers use their own Android device to monitor and control how students use Android and Windows tablets in class.

With the AllJoyn framework for peer-to-peer networking, SmartClass lets teachers manage classroom use of tablets, such as:

  • broadcasting their own screen to students’ tablets
  • viewing one or more students’ screens at a time
  • controlling students’ devices remotely
  • administering quizzes and exams
  • broadcasting video or transferring files to connected tablets

Teachers stay in control of the mobile education experience in the classroom without the need for extra hardware or software. They can keep students on task and devote individual attention to the students who need it.

Ori Shiloh, the CTO of Radix, told me that AllJoyn saved his engineering team a lot of time and effort, saying "AllJoyn helped us deliver our complete solution in a short time to market by allowing an easy pairing and discovery mechanism, keeping us focused on our core screen-cast technology."

Watch the two-minute video on SmartClass, then get inspired to build AllJoyn peer-to-peer connectivity into your own Android, iOS and Windows apps. The tools, resources and AllJoyn SDK you need are waiting for you at alljoyn.org.