Qualcomm Shows Game Face at GDC 2012

Friday 3/16/12 02:03pm
Posted By Francisco Cheng
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Qualcomm at 2012 GDC Game Developers ConferenceThe appeal of mobile games was more evident this year than any other at GDC 2012, with the meteoric rise of tablets and smartphones as gaming platforms. Qualcomm is no stranger to this growing field, as our Snapdragon™ processors power many of these devices that are favorites of gamers and developers alike. On Tuesday of the conference we held a Qualcomm Developer Day, where we hosted a variety of sessions on topics including: developing high-end 3D games for devices featuring Snapdragon S4 processors; developing mobile games using Vuforia™, Qualcomm's augmented reality SDK, and Unity extension; porting Android games to SmartTVs and set top boxes; and using OpenSL to add cool audio effects to mobile games.

QUalcomm Developer Day at GDC Game Developer ConferenceDevelopers in attendance also learned how to utilize AllJoyn™, the peer-to-peer application development framework developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (QuIC), to connect multiple devices to enable proximity-based multiplayer gaming on mobile devices. Joining us during the session, Digital Chocolate discussed how they used AllJoyn in three of their new games for Android, so players can discover which friend has the same game, invite and have real-time competitions over Wi-Fi. We also announced a beta program for the AllJoyn Unity Extension, which gives you an easy way to include AllJoyn in your Unity games.

During GDC, Bsquare released the Snapdragon S4 MSM8960-based Mobile Development Platform/Smartphone (MDP/S). You can read Leon Farasati's recent post to learn how you can use the new MDP/S to optimize your apps before more than 120 devices featuring Snapdragon S4 processors launch later this year.

After our developer day we hosted a Snapdragon-themed party at Ruby-Skye, in downtown San Francisco. The packed house was treated to a night of nostalgia which featured a real-life street fighter, a warrior princess, acrobats, and a pair of technologized rappers. If you haven't been following Snapdragon's Facebook page, we posted pictures of the Ruby-Skye party there. You can also watch Parker and the Numberman's Snapdragon rap from the party in the video at the bottom of the post.

We had a great time at GDC 2012 talking with so many members of the gaming community. With the direction tablets and smartphones are heading, we're already looking forward to showing our game face at GDC 2013. If you were at GDC this year, let me know what impressed you most in the comments.

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