Qualcomm® Home Hub platforms for Android Things – Developer kits and SoMs coming soon

Tuesday 5/8/18 04:15pm
Posted By Shardul Brahmbhatt
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One of the shortest paths to IoT development is through Android Things, where you can leverage the power of the Android development and partner ecosystems.

And soon you can use Android Things to build on top of Qualcomm® Home Hub platforms, based on the SDA212 (APQ8009) and SDA624 (APQ8053) systems-on-chip (SoCs). Each platform is built on Android Things and includes a development board, system-on-module (SoM) and reference designs. With this software-hardware combination you can build edge computing features into your products for voice UI and deep learning, and for processing sensor data, camera feeds and media.

Bringing the Google Assistant (and more) into households virtually everywhere

The market for IoT devices is moving fast, spreading from consumer electronics, health care, industrial applications and beyond. Google designed Android Things to help developers and OEMs access a growing array of services like its Google Assistant, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), has designed its Home Hub platforms accordingly:

212 Home Hub Platform —The Open-Q 212A Developer Kit will be available from Lantronix. Use this kit for home devices and appliances like smart assistants and IoT hubs. It’s a cost-effective combination of processing capability, connectivity options, voice user interfaces and audio technologies.

Open-Q 212A Developer Kit

624 Home Hub Platform – The Open-Q 624A Developer Kit will be available from Lantronix. Use this kit for enabling use-cases that rely on artificial intelligence and video processing. It’s ideal if you’re developing AI-enabled home hub products like IP cameras, robots, security panels and smart appliances that require a display and camera. Use it for applications involving machine learning, video conferencing, remote monitoring and video streaming. Certified 624 SOM for commercial deployment will be available for volume orders from LITE-ON Technology Corporation.

Open-Q 624A Developer Kit

Next steps: Buy yours now and start developing

Since our Home Hub platforms announcement at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, OEMs Lenovo, JBL and LG have announced Smart Displays based on our 624 Home Hub platform.

As part of this pre-announcement, we wanted to share the links and URL for getting the developer kit and the software that will allow developers and ecosystem players to start developing and commercializing your own AI-enabled Qualcomm Home Hub products once the software is ready and pre-certified, in upcoming months.

Qualcomm Home Hub Platform, APQ8009 and APQ8053 chipsets are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries