New Features in the Brew MP SDK release 7.11.12

Friday 2/3/12 10:36am
Posted By Jason Baron
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The latest release of the Brew MP™ SDK now includes time saving features for OEMs and developers.

The new features available in the updated SDK include:

Brew MP Validation Kit (BVK) and Brew Level 1 (BL1)
Brew® Level 1 defines a minimum set of APIs that must be supported on Brew MP devices and provides a simple shorthand for identifying devices that support this set of APIs (please note that Brew Levels do not apply to Brew 3.x devices). BL1 APIs are documented in the Brew Level 1 Rev B API Specification, and you can see if a device meets BL1 under the Brew MP Validation field in the device database.

The Brew MP Validation Kit included in the latest SDK replaces and enhances related coverage within Porting Validation Suite and enables API-level testing of Brew Level 1 interfaces, which enables developers to identify the availability of specific BL1 APIs. In addition, the fully automated and command-line driven support for BL1 tests included in the BVK is designed to reduce the time and effort required for OEMs to test and verify BL1 support as part of a continual testing process. You can find more details about the BVK in the associated documentation.

Heap Analyzer
Heap Analyzer has been updated to enable polling a device at periodic intervals in order to see trends in heap usage and to get up-to-date heap usage information at a Brew module level. To learn more about the update to Heap Analyzer, see the Tools Reference.

Support for latest Mentor Graphics Release for Eclipse (Helios)
The updated SDK now supports the latest release for Eclipse (Helios) from Mentor Graphics. You can leverage the open source Eclipse development environment by downloading the Sourcery CodeBench for the Brew platform from Mentor Graphics. The Sourcery CodeBench for Brew provides an integrated set of tools to support Brew application development from simulator to handset.

Download the updated Brew SDK and see the release notes to get started.