The Latest in IoT: Connecting the Dots for More Intelligent Industries

Tuesday 8/8/23 03:29am
Posted By Morris Novello
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Snapdragon and Qualcomm branded products are products of
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Industries across the world are transforming in front of our eyes. Through technologies such as AI, robotics and 5G, business processes are becoming smarter and more automated, all the way from the production line to the shop floor.

Our goal at Qualcomm Technologies is to help facilitate this evolution by enabling billions of smart connected devices at the edge, powered by AI, edge compute and connectivity technology.

Our IoT platforms are developed to promote innovation and unlock new efficiencies within your business. It’s always helpful to see how others are using the technology before you embark on your own journey with us. So, let’s take a quick look and see how businesses and developers are using these platforms to great effect.

What can you do with our IoT processors?

Earlier this year, we announced our updated premium-tier Qualcomm QCS6490/Qualcomm QCM6490 processors – the world’s first integrated 5G IoT processors to support four major operating systems. Excitingly, our new mid-tier software-defined IoT processors, Qualcomm QCS5430/Qualcomm QCM5430, also offer the same OS support and enable customers to reconfigure capabilities in the field.

We worked with Microsoft and Canonical to support both Ubuntu and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise on these processors, as well as Linux and Android. This offers developers greater flexibility than ever before. Watch the interviews below to hear more from Canonical and Microsoft on these developments.

Already, we’re seeing exciting use cases develop as companies use these processors. Quectel, for example, has used our technology to solve an age-old problem, sorting and separating items, from seeds and beans, to plastics and other materials, all through the use of colour. Thanks to the high-performance Quectel SG560D, powered by our QCS6490 SoC, businesses can now easily automate the colour sorting process with machine vision and AI edge intelligence, saving huge amounts of time. Check out the video below to learn more.

Arrow showcased our QCS6490 SoC in a driver monitoring system. This application uses AI models to monitor drivers’ distraction levels, including drowsiness, mobile phone usage and other potential hazards, helping to keep road users safe. Get started with the Thundercomm TurboX C6490 development kit.

The QCS6490 supports the latest re-engineered Qualcomm Hexagon processor with a fused AI-accelerator architecture to bring astonishing performance at low power. Combined with the Qualcomm AI Stack, the colour sorting and driver monitoring system applications make use of the full performance potential of the hardware to bring exciting solutions to the market.

Learn more about the QCS5430/QCM5430 and QCS/ QCM6490 processors and what they have to offer here.

From Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk in Robotics

Robotics has become a huge driving force behind Industry 4.0, automating tasks that were previously hazardous or costly. With the creation of our two new robotics platforms: the Qualcomm Robotics RB1 and Qualcomm Robotics RB2 platforms, we’ve begun unlocking even more potential use cases. Thanks to the capabilities introduced with the new platforms, businesses can now create smaller devices with much lower power consumption, opening up entirely new industrial and enterprise opportunities.

As developers look to unlock and understand the power of the Qualcomm Robotics RB1 and Qualcomm Robotics RB2 platforms, there’s still incredible developments coming out through our other Robotics platforms.

For example, Arrow showcased surveillance and smart transportation demos at Embedded World that were powered by our Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform. These demos showcased smart city applications that used AI inferencing for people detection, intrusion monitoring, vehicle counting, lane occupancy monitoring and more. The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platforms was also used to process multiple camera streams in Cvedia’s AI analytics suite of applications. Best of all, the processing can even be used with different types of cameras, such as analog, IP, thermal and drone cameras.

Cvedia optimized the AI applications using Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK to achieve enhanced AI performance and high-power efficiencies, enabling businesses to run multiple AI inferencing use cases, all on the edge device. This unlocks huge potential for a wide range of deployment environments.

Meanwhile, Orionstar’s now famous ‘Lucki’ robot uses our Qualcomm SDA845 processor. Lucki has been designed to help deliver food and inventory, while also communicating with customers to enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Measuring up at 100cm x 100cm x 130cm, Lucki can handle loads of up to 40kg, while its multi-layer, 360-degree adjustable tray allows it to pick up and set down food from multiple angles.

Now, imagine what’s possible with our Qualcomm Robotics RB1 and Qualcomm RB2 platforms, allowing developers to create much smaller and power efficient devices. In the video below, Lantronix discuss why they’re so excited about our new platforms and how they’re already integrating them into their development kits.

Arrow Electronics spoke to us about the establishment of Edge Labs and how it will help innovators navigate complex development challenges and accelerate the adoption of Edge AI solutions using our technologies. Find out more in the interview below and get started today with the Aikri 42x.

Learn more about the Qualcomm Robotics platforms and what they have to offer here.

The demos in this blog demonstrate that, whether it’s improving efficiency, safety, or computing and AI capabilities, our technology is helping to transform all industries, creating a world where virtually everyone and everything can be intelligently connected.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these solutions and how they could benefit you, please sign up here.

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Qualcomm branded products are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.