How Powerful Is Your Imagination? World Premiere of the Robot Dress

Thursday 7/13/17 09:00am
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I’m proud to announce that our robot dress powered by DragonBoard™ 410c development kit had its world premiere at the FIRST Championship in St. Louis!

The FIRST Robotics Competition, one of FIRST’s progression of programs, gives teams of students just six weeks to build and program robots to perform a specified set of challenging tasks, so the FIRST Championship was the ideal event and audience for our team of engineers and designers to introduce the robot dress we’ve been working on for more than 18 months.

Have a look at video footage from the event:

I’ve already described the dress design, robotics, programming, technology and teamwork that went into the robot dress. But none of that prepared me for the moment when I walked on stage in front of 15,000 students and wore the dress on the runway for its premiere. Whether you’re a student or one of the army of adult volunteers at the FIRST Championship, you can feel how the atmosphere is charged with inspiration and innovation.

Qualcomm® was the Presenting Sponsor at both the Houston and St. Louis Championships – our fifth year as a Championship sponsor – and you can hear the excitement in the voices of my teammates and the students we interviewed in the video. With new data showing that FIRST is already making a lasting difference in career interests and educational choices for young participants, it’s obvious that this investment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is paying off.

I’ve always believed that my imagination is powerful. At Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab™, we’re continually seeing how it takes an entire team of people to bring an idea to life. I hope this story of the robot dress helps you bring the fruits of your own powerful imagination to life.

Let us know what you and your team need from us to get started!