Eight Insights About Brew Device Owners

Thursday 10/13/11 08:35am
Posted By Adam Riggs-Zeigen
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If you've ever wondered about the tens of millions of people who own those Brew® devices you're writing apps for, I've got some information that you'll find interesting. Recently, Qualcomm® commissioned comScore for a market research study to learn about Brew device owners in the U.S. and compare them to not only non-Brew feature phone owners, but smartphone owners as well. The findings of the study have been published in a free white paper available for download titled Brew: Bringing Mobile Apps to the Mass Market - The Case for Developing for the Brew Market.

This white paper highlights a number of findings about this market that you probably didn't know. Here are eight insights about Brew device owners from the study:

Brew Devices Make Up Nearly a Third of the U.S. Mobile Market

In the blizzard of statistics around smartphones, feature phones are moving off radar for a lot of people. However, comScore found that they are still popular with the audience that matters most – subscribers – as you can tell from the statistic that matters most – sales.

1. 65.5 Million U.S. wireless subscribers over the age of 13 carry a Brew device.

2. According to comScore estimates, five of the top ten devices in the U.S. are Brew devices, based on the installed number of users. Not one, not two, but five.

Brew device owners show value with post-paid contracts and data plans.

You might associate feature phone owners with prepaid plans. You might even think that they're interested only in voice and text, and not in the data plans they need to buy and use your apps. However, comScore's research found:

3. 69% of Brew subscribers are on post-paid contracts (similar to smartphone subscribers (75%)).

4. 33% of Brew subscribers currently have a data plan with an additional 9% paying for data as they use it.

5. 38% of Brew subscribers without a data plan said they would consider adopting one priced under $10 per month. (And lo and behold, earlier this summer Verizon announced it will offer Brew customers a $10 per month plan that bundles data and some popular apps.)

But do they use apps?

Absolutely. According to comScore findings, there are more than 20 million Brew device owners in the U.S. who are engaged when it comes to using apps.

6. 31% of current Brew device owners (approximately 20.3 million subscribers aged 13+) have used downloaded or preloaded mobile apps and content.

7. 11% of Brew subscribers who play games, pay for downloaded games, similar to smartphone owners (13%), and more than twice as likely as users of non-Brew feature phones (5%).

8. Of the Brew users who have paid to download apps, 66% have paid an average of at least $2.00 for a one-time download fee, and 15% indicated that they had spent more than $10.

As you can see there is some pretty interesting new data out there about this audience. Brew feature phone users make up a segment that will allow you to expand your customer base beyond smartphone owners.

The full 19-page white paper is full of information about Brew users, including demographics, mobile media and apps usage trends and what type of apps they want and are willing to purchase. Download it, read it, and contact me at ariggs@qualcomm.com, if you have any questions or want to know more.