DragonBoard 410c Now Ready for Makers

Tuesday 8/18/15 11:10am
Posted By Ketal Gandhi
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If you had a maker board as powerful as that smartphone in your pocket, what would you make? It’s the right time to find out, with the DragonBoard™ 410c now available for $75 from Arrow Electronics.

The DragonBoard 410c

Last month I posted about Maker Faire 2015 and the DragonBoard 410c from Arrow. It’s a development board about the size of a playing card, built around the same quad-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 processor shipping in smartphones from HTC, LG, and Motorola. It’s ready for you to build into your computer vision, multimedia, robotics, and other compute-intensive maker projects.

DragonBoard 410c Specs, Videos, Tools, and Resources

DragonBoard 410c is compliant with the 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) specification, which is maintained by Linaro Community Board Group and targets the mobile, embedded and digital home segments. For the launch of the DragonBoard 410c, Arrow, Linaro, and the Qualcomm Developer Network are loading up our sites with resources to help you get the most from the board:

  • Specifications and Feature Highlights for a quick overview of what’s built into the board.
  • Getting Started instructions on 96Boards.org take you step by step through setting up your board
  • Documentation, find a consolidated view and links to documentation, including software docs, application notes and user guides.
  • Tutorial Videos that walk you through procedures like loading Linux-based Ubuntu and modifying the kernel for UART configuration. We update these videos continually as the tech and features evolve.
Keeping up with Makers Everywhere

The “c” in “410c” stands for “community.” Look for the DragonBoard 410c at the upcoming maker community events we highlight on the QDN page, like the TechCrunch Disrupt & Hackathon in San Francisco, and World Maker Faire in New York City.

Your Turn

Almost 40 years ago, Steve Dompier got a standing ovation from the Homebrew Computer Club by programming an Altair 8800 to play “The Fool on the Hill.” The DragonBoard 410c has more power and features than he ever dreamed of. Make your own standing ovation happen and order yours from Arrow today.

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