muvee Has Found Success in the Mobile Industry for the Past 10 Years

Monday 8/4/14 08:00am
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Terence Swee, muvee CEO, QDN Developer of the Month August

This month, we’ve selected Terence Swee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at muvee, as the Qualcomm Developer of the Month. Terence and his team stay busy creating software to help make mobile videos more entertaining with easy editing.

Can you tell us about your company and the apps you develop?
We started in 2001 when we invented Automatic Video Editing, released Windows software and then quickly grew a separate mobile unit in 2004 to build Movie Director on Nokia Symbian handsets. So you can say we are the world’s first mobile video app company (since that was the first phone that could capture video).

We currently develop video related applications which enable users to do more with video. This comes in the form of complete apps and also an SDK which handset makers can integrate to enhance their camera and video gallery experience. Our customers include LG, Samsung and HTC. Our most popular apps on Google Play are ReAction Slow Motion Video (which we just launched a few months ago) and Action Studio Video Editor Pro, full video editing suite for GoPro users.

How did you come up with the name muvee?
We realized people were capturing videos and not doing very much with it. So we sought to automate that process by cutting videos to the beat of a music track. We realized it’s not quite a home movie (which are typically boring) and it’s not really music video (as those are typically bands) so we called it a muvee (MUsic VEEdeo).

What do you love about developing mobile apps?
Mobile apps mean our work is always in your pocket. It’s right there when you need it. It’s always connected, and because we work with videos, its right there in your camcorder. Its an always connected camera with a computer on its back. What a wonderful place to be for our software!

What makes your company culture unique?
In our Singapore headquarters, half the staff comes from 15 different countries! This gives us a good breadth of knowledge and expertise, and most importantly, the ability to work globally and build products that has global appeal.

What advice would you give to other developers?
Make useful stuff that delights.

Share with us a fun fact about team.
Our VP Engineering has this uncanny ability to predict what features we want in our earliest products. So by the time we dream it up and ask for it, he would say he already has a working prototype. We named this phenomena “Mafrudeed!” after his name.

If you weren’t a developer, what profession would you have chosen?
Professional beach bum and occasional volcano explorer.

Who is your technology hero?
Although I am an engineer by training, I don’t actually have a technology hero, but my creative heroes are Salvador Dali and Chick Corea. Creative minds are the glue that use technology and their ideas to create stuff that delights the humans.

When enduring a long day, how do you and your team stay energized?
We have a 60’s American diner styled café/bar in the office with a full time “aunty” who makes us coffee, cuts fresh fruits and toast bread. That fuels us.

Where do you see the mobile industry in 10 years?
It will be so ubiquitous that it gets out of your way. Today we see people staring at their phones, and carrying this brick and USB charger packs. In 10 years, it will be just built around you, sensing, charging, controlling, predicting, capturing, recording, searching…you should not feel it. Things will just…happen!