Developer of the Month: Pizza-Powered Mobile Developer Giuseppe Romano

Friday 7/7/17 03:55pm
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Giuseppe is a mobile developer whose coding process is powered by pizza. Lucky for him, he’s based in Naples, Italy, one of the pizza capitals of the world – so he’s always powered up and ready to create a great new app. Even more so than pizza, Giuseppe is passionate about developing apps that help his users optimize their lives. He often looks to his friends and family for app idea inspiration, and that’s exactly what led him to create his popular Customer Management app.

We sat down with Giuseppe to talk about his mobile development process, his favorite development tools (in particular, the Snapdragon® Profiler), and his serious pizza habit.

Giuseppe Romano with Android phone, with laptop and desktop computer stations behind him

Can you tell us about what you do?
I’m a mobile software developer for Android and Windows Phone, and have been making Android apps since 2013.

Why do you do what you do?
It’s simple: I work to improve a user’s everyday experience. For me, innovation is about finding ways to simplify life using only a limited budget.

I also enjoy creating apps in my free time to improve my skills, to be productive and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. As soon as I have 5 minutes free, I use that time to develop something.

How did you first get into mobile development?
I needed a weather app at the time and was not able to find one that met my expectations. So I learned how to make an app, and after three weeks I had published my very first app. I was excited because it worked well, and I was delighted by how simple and fun the process was!

What’s your process for developing a new mobile application and where do you get inspiration from?
When I start to create a new application, I'm often very fussy. I start by meticulously asking everyone I know what they need in their lives, then I start developing immediately once I have an idea.

During development, I study the similar applications of other developers, and I read their negative and positive comments for ideas. After the app's release, I read the comments of my users and always try to satisfy their requests and suggestions.

Android tablet, Snapdragon profiler and other mobile devices on desk
Image: Giuseppe Romano’s development station

Which development tools do you use?
I had first learned about Qualcomm Developer Network tools when I was looking for an algorithm for facial recognition in real time. Facial recognition is the ability for applications to register and identify faces and the Snapdragon SDK is what I used for this – it made things easy.

Today my favorite Qualcomm tools are the App Tune-up Kit and Snapdragon Profiler. I use Snapdragon Profiler during development and then I use App Tune-up Kit to evaluate app performance during testing. These tools have helped me to optimize interactive applications, reducing processing time by dividing work on each processor core to avoid blocking UI interactions. In my opinion, the Snapdragon Profiler is a must-have app that developers shouldn’t live without.

When enduring a long day, what keeps you going?
Pizza, pizza almost every day! My favorite food is pizza – it has a bit of everything in it, and I never get tired of eating it. As long as I’m not fixing a bug that requires a heartier source of sustenance, I always eat marinara pizza.

Any other fun facts you can share with us about your work?
In every app I’ve made there is a picture of me and my girlfriend hidden in it. If you click 12 times on the INFO button you will find it. ;)