Developer of the Month: Manoharan Ramachandran Describes Using Snapdragon Processors in His Road Safety App "Drowsy Driver"

Monday 10/10/16 12:16pm
Posted By Mike Roberts
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Meet Manoharan Ramachandran, our developer of the month for October. Manoharan is the creator of Drowsy Driver, a road safety app to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel. We talked to him about how Snapdragon® processors were a game-changer in the development of his app, and he also shared with us some of his innovative problem solving techniques!

Manoharan Ramachandran

With the help of his app, Manoharan gained funding for his PhD in England, and he is currently studying creative technology at Bournemouth University.

Tell us about you!
I focus on developing Android applications in the field of transportation. Right now I’m doing post-graduate research, working on providing safety frameworks for school transportation.

What are your plans?
I want to start my own company. I focus on real world problems and try to provide feasible and easy to implement solutions. That’s how I came up with the Drowsy Driver concept. I aim to create a company called ‘In-vehi-solutions’ to take the work further.

What advice would you give to other developers?
Take up a real world problem and try to provide a mobile app based solution. We are living in a world where smartphones have more computing power than NASA used to send people to the moon. So make use of the computing power that you have in your hand! The Snapdragon 820’s AnTuTu score will blow your mind.

The major advantage that you have when providing app based solutions is that you don’t need many resources to bring your product to commercialization. If you come up with an innovative idea to solve a real world problem through a mobile application, you will see success quickly. Just imagine - you have two products which provide you the same solution. One is an expensive gadget and another one is a cheap or free mobile application. Which one do you use? Or at least which one do you consider giving a try? I think we know the answer!

Drowsy Driver app with red square around drivers face

Share with us a fun fact about yourself
Well, if I am confused with any idea, to clear my mind I just get down on the floor and stand upside down. It gives me a dead silence, and makes me concentrate on a solution to my problem. Most of the time I come up with the solution before I put my legs down!

Where do you and your team get inspiration for your work?
Our country’s former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s India Vision 2020.

Who is your technology hero?
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, who was born in the same place as I was.

When enduring a long day, how do you stay energized? Energy drinks? Chocolate chip cookies? Power naps?
10 Pushups and 5 claps. Pushups speed up the blood flow and wakes up your body. Clapping activates the nerve in your hand and wakes your brain up.

Where do you see the IoT industry in 10 years?
It’s going to become one with our lifestyle. You will see IoT applications in almost all places and all sectors. It’s a game changer.

The interior of a car, with a cell phone mounted to the windshield, Drowsy Driver app on screen

What Qualcomm technologies are featured in your projects?
Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform and Snapdragon SDK for Android

In thinking about the Qualcomm technologies that you or your team uses in the development of your project or app, how did the specific Qualcomm product assist in the final development of your app?
Initially I was using OpenCV for Android to develop my application. But later on it placed a heavy processing load on the mobile and drained the battery. Then I came across Snapdragon SDK and I was like, “Snapdragon, you beauty!” It just blew my mind with how well it actually performed. I implemented my algorithm using the Snapdragon SDK and it worked like a charm. The load on the processor was no more than a normal camera app. That time I was using Snapdragon 420 and now I am using Snapdragon 820. Once you become a fan of Snapdragon processors, you will be a fan forever. Whenever I want to buy a new mobile phone, the first thing I look for is whether or not it has a Snapdragon processor!