Developer of the Month: George McKinney Helps Bring Mobile Apps to Life with Imagination and Perseverance

Thursday 2/5/15 12:00pm
Posted By Mike Roberts
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George McKinney, Software Developer with Zukini Mobile, is our Developer of the Month for February. Zukini Mobile, based in Los Angeles, CA and founded in 2011, has worked with global companies and established businesses to develop commissioned enterprise applications. Their approach is user-centered as they work with clients to help them achieve their goals. George and fellow software developers Josue Bustos and Henry Prestwood have used our Trepn Plug-in for Eclipse to help them analyze the power consumption in their apps.

The Zukini Mobile team utilized Qualcomm Developer Network tools to help optimize the ShowGo Mobile application

George was kind enough to find some time in his busy schedule after running a mobile camp in Los Angeles to answer some questions so that we can learn more about what makes him and the rest of his team at Zukini Mobile tick.

How was your company started?
The founders were already working together as we watched the app development market grow. Being experienced web developers, we decided to update our skills and search for the best way to make mobile apps. We studied ARM processors, programming languages used in mobile development including Java, Objective-C, C/C++ and JavaScript, evaluated multiple frameworks and SDKs before deciding to get fully into this.

What advice would you give to other developers?
Go to the source. The best way to learn is going to conferences like Qualcomm Uplinq. You network with engineers and developers that expose you to what's working and what's not, which technologies are being coming out, and you have a lot of fun while doing it.

What is one thing that makes your company culture unique? Do you have any rituals?
We are a very open, and highly social group. We love going to hackathons. It may sound strange, but we don't see winning as the goal but a chance to experiment and try out things our clients would never pay us to learn. On top of that, we get great food, music, and hang out with our friends.

Share with us a fun fact about yourself/team/company?
Josue is a real artist; a painter and a muralist who travels the world to share his passion. I am a sports coach; sharing my belief in character development through vigorous exercise.

What do you love about developing mobile apps?
It's a highly creative endeavor; working within space restrictions, performance limitations, and user expectations. We strive to make apps enjoyable. It takes imagination and perseverance to get it right.

Where do you and your team get inspiration for your work?
We attend art shows around Los Angeles. Lots of creative people at them to get ideas from even if you don't see where it fits in exactly.

Who is your technology hero?
We admire Kevin Lynch.

When enduring a long day, how do you and your team stay energized?
Beer accompanied with a long break talking about good times.

What’s your team’s favorite type of music for a long day of coding?
We like electronic must. Daft punk is a company favorite.

Where do you see the mobile industry in 10 years?
There will be no more PCs. Everything will be mobile and/or distributed computing. Entertainment will be customized. The gaming, movie, music, computer and mobile industries will merge.

What apps have you and/or your company created using Qualcomm technologies?
For the app ShowGo Mobile our team utilized the Trepn Plug-in Eclipse.