Developer profile: SouthEnd Interactive

Wednesday 3/9/11 01:41pm
Posted By Son Ton
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If you had the chance to flip your product roadmap over and develop for mobile first – instead of last – would you do it?

SouthEnd Interactive did. They took their ilomilo game concept and our Adreno™ 205 GPU, and built a mobile Android demo app, then released versions for game consoles afterwards. It has paid off for SouthEnd, and we’ve selected them for our QDevNet developer showcase.

Dan Nilsson, CTO of Tactel (SouthEnd’s parent company), told us they knew right away that ilomilo would be a good concept for mobile devices: “There were logistical aspects like control and screen size that favored mobile. But we also made ilomilo work for the short bursts of play that mobile gamers expect while they’re waiting in line or in between appointments. That’s different from the game console experience, and we made sure that ilomilo took advantage of it.”

They also made sure that ilomilo took advantage of the Adreno 205 GPU on the MSM7x30™ for graphical effects like 3D, rim shading and dynamic lighting that put a remarkable user experience on a mobile device.

We liked ilomilo and its technical highlights so much that we demonstrated it with SouthEnd at Mobile World Congress 2010. Their work in our ecosystem increased their exposure to Microsoft Game Studio, resulting in a version for Windows Phone 7 and then Xbox Live Arcade. Read the entire story; maybe it will inspire you to take a closer look at the Adreno tools, and flip your own product roadmap.

We want to help bring developers like SouthEnd and mobile games like ilomilo onto the mobile stage. Do you have an app like that? If so, I’d like to find out more about it. Visit our Get Noticed page to see what we’re looking for in a showcase app, then tell us about your app.