“The Customer Is Ready for Context Awareness. Are You?” – New White Paper

Monday 3/31/14 11:12am
Posted By Charlie Karstrom
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    Context Awareness 

Context awareness has been getting plenty of ink lately, from beacon deployments in retail stores to enhanced fan experiences in stadiums. Still, I talk to a lot of retailers and brands that don’t yet understand what context awareness means, or see all the reasons why it can lead to richer engagement, quicker conversion, more sales and greater loyalty. I also talk to developers and advertisers who aren’t yet ready to fit context awareness into their apps, campaigns and websites.

You may not be ready for it, but more and more data adds up to an undeniable trend: Your customers are ready.

Context awareness describes your ability to understand and appropriately respond to your customers’ needs based on their context: where they are, what they’re doing, how they like to buy. As Jose Menendez pointed out in a post last month, it’s a lot easier for them to give you their contextual information now that so many of them use their smartphone in the buying process – and it’s now a lot easier for you to develop mobile applications that bring you closer to them.

Build your business case for context awareness – New white paper

We’ve just released the white paper “The Customer Is Ready for Context Awareness. Are You?” It’s the third paper in our series on context awareness, and it emphasizes:

  • the things consumers want – and don’t want – in the mobile-assisted shopping experience
  • the ways businesses can strike the delicate balance between sending useful notifications and what consumers consider nagging
  • the four musts of context awareness – developing a mobile strategy, using micro-location technology in it, sending personalized content, and maintaining privacy

The first paper focused on the beacon technology that has received so much press lately, and the second paper described the Gimbal™ context awareness and proximity platform from Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc. To help you build the business case for adopting context awareness in your company, this new paper cites recent research on trends like the mobile shopping experience, location-based services and mobile-enhanced retail. Here’s just a sample of what you will learn from the paper:

  • When inside a store, 65 percent of smartphone owners are likely to use their device to access promotional coupons.
  • Also while in a store, 41 percent of global respondents say they would willingly be identified through their smartphone.
  • In a mobile campaign conducted by a restaurant chain, ads running in a five-mile radius of competitors’ locations led to 11 percent higher click-through than ads served around the company’s own restaurants.

See what I mean? The customer really is ready. That’s why we gave the white paper that title.

Next steps

Read “The Customer Is Ready for Context Awareness. Are You?” Have a look at the way your customers use their mobile device in your place of business. Ask them how they like brands and companies to engage with them on their device, then start working on your own mobile strategy.

Register to walk through the Gimbal context awareness platform and send me your questions in the comments below.