Context-Awareness with Gimbal Platform – New White Paper

Thursday 2/6/14 07:30am
Posted By Jose Menendez
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When your users have a smartphone with them all the time, you begin thinking of ways to deepen your engagement with them. Suddenly, scenarios like these are not so far-fetched:

  • Sending your loyal fans at a game a notification for a free drink with the purchase of a meal at the concession stand nearest their seat.
  • Delivering multimedia content to patrons in the main gallery of your art museum, describing the works of art closest to them and suggesting other pieces of likely interest
  • Presenting different signage and advertisements to tourists passing a digital kiosk depending on their interests

What does it take to get to this level of engagement? How can you learn enough about your users to send them timely, relevant information they can use?

The Gimbal™ Context Aware Platform, a product of Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc., offers brands, retailers and developers an all-in-one context-awareness platform for upping their game and deepening engagement with customers through their mobile devices.  

 Geofence created in Gimbal Manager. 

Advantages of Gimbal – new white paper

We’ve just published a new white paper, The Gimbal Context-Aware Platform – Digital Insights into the Physical World. In it, you’ll find a module-by-module introduction on getting started with both the Gimbal platform and context-awareness.

You’ll also find explanations on how to use Gimbal proximity beacons for deeper engagement in physical, retail settings. Gimbal proximity beacons have been designed and certified by Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc. to meet Apple performance standards to support apps running on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that incorporate the iBeacon™ protocol.

Whether you’re ready to implement Gimbal or you want to learn what goes into context-aware mobile apps, I think you’ll find the white paper worthwhile.


Interest Sensing

Thanks Jose, 

Nice overview of Gimbal. I'm particular interested in how the profile is created - are you able to share any details of how interest sensing works? 



Re: Context-Awareness with Gimbal Platform – New White Paper

Hi Jose, 

Thanks for your suggestion - I have already signed up and have played around with both the Geo-fencing and Interest Graph. I was actually interested in how this interest graph is built - the documentation suggests it uses your browsing history and I imagine it also tracks location, be great if you could point me to any whitepaperps, people, soruce where the details of this interest graph are explained.

Cheers, Josh