Coming to the Runway: A Robot Dress Powered by DragonBoard 410c

Thursday 6/15/17 10:00am
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Remember my post a few weeks ago about wearable robotic fashion? Have you figured out how to build your own robot dress yet?

Take it from us at Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ and Qualcomm Developer Network: Building a robot dress is a lot of work, as you’ll see in the video below. But it has all been worth it. It’s such a good feeling to work with such an amazing team to turn an idea to reality.

“I see you’re wearing DragonBoard™ 410c this evening . . . “

It’s been about eight months since we made our first computer-aided design (CAD) model and about five months since we started fabricating parts. For that matter, it’s been since high-school when I first dreamed of combining fashion and technology into something cool that you could actually wear to a gala.

A lot of expertise went into our robot dress, including CAD, robotics, actuators, commutators, prototypes, command sequences, costume design, 3D-printed parts, octopus tentacle kinetics and software commands for servos.

Driving the robot dress is the DragonBoard 410c, a development board built on the Snapdragon® 400-series processor and available through Arrow Electronics. The dress uses the DragonBoard 410c for coordinating movement among all four tentacles, and hopefully moving forward we can use it to add on other features.

Robot Dress: The video

We hope you enjoy the video we’ve put together, and more importantly I hope it encourages the artist, designer, developer and inventor in you and across your organization. We love to see how far developers can take robotics, computing and wearables.