Apps Win at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

Thursday 9/20/12 07:34am
Posted By Brian Spencer
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Over 350 participants submitted 150 apps – many with commercial potential – at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco on September 8-9. Three of those apps were awarded prizes for the Best Use of AllJoyn by the Qualcomm judges.

With adrenaline and Red Bull keeping them going after the all night hackathon, the winning AllJoyn teams were excited to receive their giant-sized prize checks from us at the end. Photos were taken, video rolled and contact information was exchanged.

Great apps can come out of the intense, focused development cycles that happen at hackathons. Creativity flows among team members sometimes produces apps that become commercial successes. The AllJoyn business development team follows up with every winning team to assist them with moving forward towards commercialization, if they choose.

Here are the winning teams and apps for Best Use of AllJoyn in an app at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon:

1st Prize $5,000: DJandCo.
Team Members: Jiong Shen, Rob Macrae, Ian Graves, Chris Wilson
The host app turns any Android device into a mobile jukebox and allows any venue/party to grant control of the playlists to their clients/peers within seconds. The client app uses auto discovery to find the host with AllJoyn.

1st Prize DJandCo.

2nd Prize $1,500: HackerBuddy
Team Members: Vashishtha Jogi, Utkarsh Sengar, Roopesh Vaddepally
An app for Hackathons! Chat, vote, peer feedback on ideas by hackers present in their proximity. A fun way to interact with people, learn about their hacks/projects. And a way for sponsors to publicize their APIs/products.

2nd Prize: HackerBuddy

3rd Prize $500: MMM
Team Members: Severin Kistner, Yosun Chang
An ad hoc instant messaging app for local gathering planning across the enterprise in 3D. Be able to plan your events with your friends and colleagues at work, decide on a location and best nearby amenities, and plan with a 3D virtual map fit for upcoming AR goggles.

3rd Prize: MMM

Congratulations to the AllJoyn contest winners! You can see more photos from the TechCrunch Distrupt Hackathon on the QDevNet Facebook page.

We’re so excited about the apps using AllJoyn that are being created at these events, so attend a hack and show us what you can do! Watch the QDevNet Events calendar for upcoming hackathons.