About Us

Since 2000, Qualcomm has grown a developer community around its mobile processors and innovations. The Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN) is our way of centralizing access to everything you need to build on Qualcomm’s products, whether you’re writing applications, extending APIs or working with our technologies.

 QDN helps you to use our hardware and software to pursue your biggest goals:

  • Differentiate your applications and services to stay ahead of your competitors – When you build on top of our family of mobile processors, you have speed and performance advantages that make your products stand out.
  • Get your products in front of the people who want them – We’ve got more for you than a bag of APIs and sample code. Our deep, established relationships in wireless span the globe and can help you tap into new markets.
  • Find new ways to make your customers happy – Qualcomm never stops innovating, and we give you plenty of opportunities to create new and cool user experiences using our innovative technologies such as augmented reality and peer-to-peer networking.
  • Make money to build up your business – Qualcomm-enabled commercial channels have generated over US$3 billion in developer earnings since 2001 – not a bad piece of the mobile software market. By successfully bringing smartphone-like capabilities to feature phones, Brew™ and Brew MP™ continue to open up significant new revenue opportunities.

What else do we do for our developers? We highlight their most creative and best performing work in the QDN Showcase with case studies and application stories that give the community new ideas for their own products. We also put some of this work on display in our booth at trade shows and on stage at conferences, to help promising developers and applications get noticed by our own customers, partners and industry influencers.

Qualcomm Developer Network. We’re ready to Discover, Develop, Distribute, Download and Discuss mobile apps and technologies with you.